10 Main Uti Causes Everyone Should Know

As many other types of infections, urinary tract infection may be caused by different bacteria. There are many other concomitant factors, which can increase your risks of developing UTI and make you more vulnerable to it. So, let us take a look at the 10 main UTI causes, you should know about.

10 main UTI causes:

1. Bacteria, called E. coli

These bacteria are responsible for the most cases of UTI. In fact, they may be causing up to 90 percent of all urinary tract infections. These bacteria may be dwelling in your urinary tract in small amounts. But this cannot cause you any harm. However, the problems start, when they begin to multiply and evoke irritation and inflammation in your urethra, bladder or kidneys.

2. Fungi

This is a different type of parasites, which may dwell in our bodies and cause various inflammatory processes, including UTI.

3. Sexually transmitted diseases

STDs may also cause UTI, especially in men. In fact, this is one of the reasons for men to take a UTI seriously and get examined by the doctor.

4. Unbalanced urine pH

If urine gets too alkaline, it provides bacteria with the perfect environment for multiplying and consequently causing UTI.

5. Dehydration

uti causes

Dehydration may cause UTI

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If you do not drink enough water or other liquids, your bladder stays mainly empty and your urinary tract gets rarely flushed by the urine. This allows bacteria there to multiply and cause infection.

6. Often change of sexual partners

This may cause recurring UTIs especially for women. You get new flora to deal with in your genitals and urinary tract after every new sexual partner. This may lead to burning sensations and pains during urination, as well as to other UTI symptoms.

7. Enlarged prostate in men

Enlarged prostate in men may cause urinary infections, as it makes urination more difficult and allows bacteria to multiply in the hardly flushed urinary tract.

8. Age

For men the risk of urinary infections highly increases with the age. This particularly concerns the men of over 60 years of age.

9. Gender

According to medical statistic, women tend to get UTI more frequently, than men.  This is tightly related to the prostate conditions in men, too.

10. Using urinary catheters

Using urinary catheters may increase the risks of developing urinary tract infections, especially in men. The use of catheters may easily introduce the infection causing bacteria into urethra. Besides, this medical treatment irritates the urethra and makes it more vulnerable to infection.

Hopefully, understanding of these 10 main UTI causes may help you to avoid some of them and prevent the development of urinary tract infection. Or, at least they put you on your guard to be alert and know, when you need to seek medical help and UTI treatment.

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