12 Products You Should Avoid If You Are Suffering From Symptoms Of Uti

If you are suffering from a urinary tract infection, you already know most of the unpleasant symptoms of UTI. Some of them may drive you nuts and bereave your life of enjoyment and comfort. Even though urinary infection is not directly evoked by foods or other products, consuming some of them may lead to increasing the intensity of its symptoms. Take a look at the list of 12 products to avoid, if you are suffering from a UTI. These include foods and some OTC products to avoid in your daily use.

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Foods and other products to avoid:

Symptoms of uti products to avoid

Sugar, soda, alcohol and spices must be avoided when suffering from symptoms of uti

1. Sweets

The truth is that you are not the only sweet tooth. The bacteria, which cause a UTI, such as E.coli, for instance, also love sugar. They feed on it and if you consume much sugar, especially refined one, you feed your own enemies. They start feeding on the sweets and grow immensely. This only boosts your UTI condition with all of its unpleasant symptoms.

2. Acidic foods

These foods are not good for you, if you experience bladder symptoms of UTI. Acidic foods, such as tomatoes or oranges may irritate your bladder and increase the intensity of pain and other bladder UTI symptoms.

3. Hot foods

Spicy or hot foods may also irritate all your urinary tract organs and lead to more intense UTI symptoms.

4.  Alcohol

It gets removed from your body through urine and irritates your urinary tract.

5. Red meat

Red meat is one of the foods that turn your body pH balance into acidic.

6. Pastries

White flour pastries should be avoided, as they are rich in sugar.

7. Coffee and other stimulants

8. Cigarettes

9. Genitals hygiene chemical products

These products can significantly increase the irritation in your urinary tract. They may also evoke allergies.

10. Antiseptic soaps

These products kill your natural flora in the urinary tract and genitals. By this they provide a free space for pathogenic (bad) flora to grow and cause infection. They leave you with no natural defense.

11. Dairy foods

12. Sodas

For one, soda drinks are extremely rich in sugar. So, they boost the growth of bad bacteria. Plus, they break down your pH balance and make you more vulnerable. Besides, most soda drinks contain a huge amount of chemicals, such as colors, preservatives, etc.  They all negatively affect and irritate your urinary tract.

Hopefully, this list of 12 foods to avoid would help you to make a healthier choice. Picking the right products to consume you can cope with your symptoms of UTI and prevent most UTIs in the future. Keep in mind that you should also drink up lots of water to flush your urinary tract and keep yourself UTI free at all times.

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