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Here you will find both medical and non-medical strategies for successful urinary tract infections treatment

Treating UTIs With Ciprofloxacin: Pros And Cons

Today, many people believe that ciprofloxacin urinary tract infection treatments are truly the best on the market.  While Cipro remains a first choice medication for treating UTIs, there are a number of disadvantages.  At the very least, if you have a UTI, or must make a decision about treatment for a child, you should be aware of the benefits, as well as the drawbacks associated with using this medication.

Avoid dairy products while taking ciprofloxacin for uti

Avoid dairy products and sweets while taking ciprofloxacin for uti

Advantages of Using Cipro

Overall, you will find that Cipro works quickly and effectively to reduce UTI symptoms.  Typically, you should start to notice decreased burning and pain within 24 hours. If you have a kidney infection, pain and other symptoms will usually begin to subside within an additional 24 hours.  Aside from this, you will also find that Cipro is cheaper than a number of newer quinolones. This includes Levaquin and Avelox which are classified as third and fourth generation antibiotics.

Side Effects and Other Disadvantages of using Cipro

Even though antibiotic manufacturers are constantly creating new variants of quinolone antibiotics,  resistant bacterial strains are evolving much faster.  In some communities, you may find that resistance to Cipro and other quinolones is as high as 25%.  Unfortunately, the increased usage of these antibiotics on commercial meat and dairy farms may also indicate that resistant bacteria will emerge even faster in the near future.

When you are taking Cipro you will also have to avoid eating dairy products as much as possible.  Oddly enough, even if you do not normally eat dairy products, you may wind up craving them while using Cipro.  Since Cipro’s effectiveness is reduced by exposure to sunlight, you should do what you can to stay indoors and out of the sun while taking this medication.

It is also important to understand that using ciprofloxacin urinary tract infection regimens also comes with some serious side effects.  In particular, you may develop severe sprains or tendinitis weeks, and even months after you stop taking these medications.  While a study on rats conducted by Y Kashida indicates that fairly low rates of tendinitis occurred in rats given Cipro, human patients tend to have issues with all of the quinolones.  Even if a sprain does not occur immediately, weakness in the tissue may cause ruptures and tears that would not normally occur while engaging in any given activity.

When it comes to treatment for UTIs, many people want an antibiotic that will work as quickly as possible.  As long as you are not allergic to Cipro, and the bacteria strain is not resistant to it, most doctors will recommend this antibiotic.  On the other hand, you should be aware that dietary restrictions and exposure to light can severely impact the effectiveness of Cipro.  In addition, if you tend to be active in sports, or are already prone to sprains, using ciprofloxacin urinary tract infection regimens can leave you with an increased risk for injury.

Kashida, Y, Characterization of fluoroquinolone-induced Achilles tendon toxicity in rats
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What Is The Best Recurrent UTI Treatment Solution?

First, it has to be mentioned that recurrent UTI is the major problem for young women. They rarely concern men. In many cases, such UTIs are caused by bacteria or by poor or improper hygiene. They may also be caused by use of various chemical cleaners in the genital area of the body. Let us take a look at some possible solutions for treating recurrent urinary tract infections.

recurrent uti

Recurrent uti is the major problem for young women

Basically, dealing with recurrent infections in women, there are two ways to go about the problem. It all really depends on how often a woman gets UTIs. If she has only up to 4-5 episodes per year, then a doctor may choose to prescribe antibiotics. Every time you get UTI symptoms, you just go ahead and start a 3 day antibiotic course treatment. You do not have to consult your doctor every time you do that.

Usually, when you get your first UTI, you’d go through a 3 day antibiotic treatment course. But, the second urinary  infection episode should be treated with at least 7 day antibiotic course.

However, such treatment has to be prescribed by the doctor. And, they have to run all the tests first. These tests help to determine the cause of your UTI. They also find out which bacteria are causing the infection and which antibiotic they are sensitive to.

In the article Chronic Uti – 10 Simple Rules To Follow In Order To Ease The Pain you will find about home solutions that can be used to lessen symptoms of uti.

Lots of women start having recurrent urinary tract infections after changing a sexual partner or after the intercourse with their regular partner. In this case, the treatment has to differ from the above mentioned. As a rule, doctors would also run tests and find out what is causing the UTIs. Then they prescribe low doses of antibiotics to be taken after each intercourse. Such treatment aims to prevent the upcoming infection symptoms.

Another way of prophylactic is to take antibiotics regularly over long periods of time. As a rule, this treatment is used when infection keeps coming back more than 5 times per year. That is when patients are prescribed to take low doses of antibiotics several times a week or after each intercourse. This treatment aims at preventing UTI from coming back and going up your urinary tract. You see, most UTIs are found in the lower urinary tract organs, such as the urethra or bladder.

The real problems start, when a UTI comes up to the kidneys. This is a dangerous situation and it may have many bad health consequences. That is why all UTIs should not be left untreated. The problem with treating UTIs is that bacteria get used for antibiotic treatment and become insensitive to it. If this happens and your antibiotic treatment fails to produce any results and rid you of UTI symptoms, your doctor has to run more tests and find a new antibiotic to treat your recurrent UTI.

References: http://www.patient.co.uk/doctor/Recurrent-UTI.htm
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How To Prevent UTI: Learn Here 4 Important Rules

Urinary tract infections often affect adults, both men and women. However, according to medical statistic, women are more vulnerable to get infected. People suffering from a UTI may experience some unpleasant symptoms, such as pain and burning sensation during urinating. Plus, some urinary infections may lead to significant negative consequences for your health. All these are very good reasons to learn 4 important tips on how to prevent UTI.

1. Water

To understand the ways of UTI prevention, you should also understand what are the factors that increase the risks of getting infected. Most urinary tract infections are caused by E. coli bacteria. These are pathogenic bacteria, which dwell in our urinary tract. When they multiply, they cause irritation and inflammation. In small quantities these bacteria cannot cause any significant problems.

However, to start multiplying, they need to be able to stick together with other bacteria in the urinary tract or to the walls of the urinary tract. If you do not provide your body with enough of clean water, you urinary tract does not get flushed well. This way, you create favorable conditions for the bacteria to multiply.

That is why drinking up is one of the essential UTI prevention factors. It helps you to urinate more frequently and the water makes your urine less thick. All this helps to flush out bacteria from your urinary tract.

2. Nutrition

The above mentioned bacteria mainly feed on sugar. So, cutting out this nutrition source for them is one of the answers to the question How to prevent UTI. This means, you should cut down the amount of sugar, especially refined one, in your diet and substitute it with natural sugars.

3. Proper hygiene

Most of the pathogenic bacteria, which cause UTI in women get into their urinary tract due to improper hygiene. Teaching young girls some simple hygiene rules can prevent UTIs. One of the ways to do so is to train girls to wipe from front to back. This way no fecal bacteria get into your genitals and urinary tract.

Another hygiene rule is not to use any chemical cleaners inside your genitals. Once these substances get inside your urinary tract, they cause severe irritation there. This irritation eventually leads to inflammation and UTI with all its unpleasant and painful symptoms.

The best way to clean your gentle areas is to use baby liquid soap for it. Or, just use the clean water to wash your genitals to prevent any chemicals from getting into your urinary tract.


How to prevent uti

You can get a uti from your partner

Frequent change of sexual partners is one of the frequent Uti causes. Every time you have sex with a new partner, you get exposed to his or her micro flora. These new bacteria get into your urinary tract and may cause urethra inflammation, which is one of the UTI types.

Hopefully, these 4 tips on how  to prevent UTI would help you to keep yourself health and avoid dealing with urinary tract infections and its symptoms.

References: http://www.livestrong.com/article/236431-diet-to-prevent-uti/
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Uti Test – Find Out What Are The Easiest Methods Of Uti Diagnosing

As UTI is a pretty common condition, our modern science has developed several easy and sure ways to detect or diagnose infection and start the treatment. Take a look at several ways to diagnose UTI and do the UTI test.

Before we start, you might want to become familiar with these relevant topics: Do You Suffer From Any Of These Uti Symptoms? and Learn About What Consequences May Happen Due To Untreated Uti
First of all, you realize that to run a UTI testing you need to be able to collect some urine. In most cases, it is not a difficult thing to do, unless you are dealing with infants or toddlers. You may use special adhesive plastic bags to collect their urine. These bags get safely and gently stuck to genitals and can be left underneath the diapers. Once you collect the urine of your baby, you unglue the bag (it comes off easily not hurting the skin or the baby). This is the simplest and surest way to collect urine into a clean environment.

For the adults, you should take all the precautions to collect the urine into a clean container. So, it would not hold any dash. If you do not have a special sterile urine container, you should use a glass container, well cleaned and steamed.

Once you get the urine collected, you have two options. One is to get it to your doctor and send it to the lab and the other one is to use a home UTI test. These tests are sold in a form of strips. You dip them into the urine and wait couple of seconds. If the test strip changes the color, you’ve got an infection in the urine. These strips are sensitive to protein, blood cells, nitrites and pus in the urine. If any or all these things are present there, the test changes its color.

Here is a video on testing UTI at home:

However, all you know after such test is that you’ve got a UTI. You do not know what bacteria or fungi have caused it. Neither you know what treatment is required. For this purpose, your doctor may assign a lab test of your urine. There they can count the bacteria and define the kind of them. Then they grow the bacteria from your urine and test different antibiotics on them to see the sensitivity. This way, your doctor can select the perfect and the most efficient type of treatment for your UTI.

Still, running a simple and fast UTI test at home is highly beneficial. For one, it is very affordable and it takes only few minutes to run it. Then you can quickly get the right info on the presence or absence of infection in your body. So, keeping such a UTI testing strip at home is a good idea, especially if you have small children or recurring urinary infection. This may simplify the diagnosing phase and speed up the treatment.

References: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/urinary-tract-infection/ds00286/dsection=tests-and-diagnosis

Learn About What Consequences May Happen Due To Untreated Uti

Generally, urinary tract infections are widely spread both among men and women. They are very common conditions. However, this does not make a UTI safe or free of serious health complications. An untreated UTI can lead to some major health problems and even to death. So, let us take a look at the possible consequences and their prevention.

First of all, let us understand what is UTI. UTI is an abbreviation for urinary tract infections. The urinary tract includes several organs, such as urethra, bladder and kidneys. Most infections develop in the  ‘lower’ organs of the urinary tract, i.e. in urethra and bladder. These infections may cause painful symptoms and discomfort. However, most of them are easy to treat and do not threat your life.

Untreated uti

untreated UTI has many potential health complications

Serious problems start, when the infection goes all the way up into the kidneys. Kidney infection is called pyelonephritis. This condition has many severe health consequences and may lead to death. The good news is kidney infection can be easily treated with antibiotics. Here is the reason for this: most of the antibiotics leave our body with urine. This means, highly concentrated doses of antibiotics go directly into the kidneys and kill bacteria. This also means, your doctor may prescribe lower doses of antibiotics to treat any UTI.

Still, an untreated UTI is not something to play with. Pyelonephritis may cause many serious problems during the pregnancy time and even endanger your pregnancy. It may also lead to sepsis and eventually to death. This happens, if the infection gets carried away by the blood into all the rest of your organs from the bladder.

As a less serious complication, it may lead to recurring or chronic UTI development. This means, you start getting UTIs time after time and keep on getting them even after the treatment. This may also happen, if you do not finish the complete course of antibiotics, prescribed for your UTI. In this case, the bacteria in your urinary tract become resistant to this type of antibiotics and survive the treatment.

As a matter of fact, most people start feeling much better and get rid of the most UTI symptoms after a day or two of antibiotic treatment. This may cause them to stop the treatment and get the chronic UTI. So, make sure to finish the complete course, prescribed by your doctor, regardless of your urinary tract infection condition.

As you may see, an untreated UTI has many potential health complications to deal with. So, timely diagnose and treatment of this condition may help you to avoid all those troubles in the future and keep you healthy. Also learn some basic rules of UTI prevention to keep it away the best you can.

Additional information on http://www.livestrong.com/
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What You Should Know About Uti Treatment And Prevention

Some of the simple rules of UTI treatment and prevention should be known to all women. Men can also be subjected to urinary infections, but they are much wider spread among women. This might be caused by the differences in physiology between men and women. So, let us take a look at some of these rules.

UTI prevention

To understand how to prevent urinary infection, you should know what causes it. Mainly, an inflammation is caused by the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the urinary tract. These bacteria or other factors, such as the use of soap or other chemical hygiene products evoke irritation and inflammation in the urinary tract.

UTI treatment

You should drink up to prevent UTI

So, there are several simple things you can do to prevent UTI. First of all, drink up. If you drink up a lot of water, you urinate faster. This means, your urinary tract gets washed more frequently and bacteria simply does not have time to multiply and damage your health.

Avoid using soap and other products, such as deodorants on your genitals. All these chemically active products may irritate and consequently lead to inflammation of your urinary tract. And, maintain proper hygiene of your genitals. Always follow this simple rule for the ladies: wipe from front to back and not the other way around.

UTI treatment

Before we start talking about urinary tract infections treatment, you might find interesting these topics:

Cranberry juice – uti panacea, is it myth or fact?

What are some of the UTI home remedy treatments and do they really work?

In most cases, urinary disorder is treated by antibiotics for uti. The antibiotic selection greatly depends on the kind or location of your infection. It may also depend on your general health condition, as well as on your age and sex. In most cases, it can be easily treated, because antibiotics easily accumulate in high concentration in your urinary tract organs, such as kidney, bladder or urethra.

This happens because typically antibiotics get purged from our bodies through the urinary tract. An easy case of urinary tract infection with no complications can be treated with a 3 day course of antibiotics. Your doctor may want to run some urine tests to determine which type of bacteria you are dealing with.

Reoccurring UTI or with complications may require a longer course of stronger and more expensive antibiotics. Still, most of the urinary infections are treatable. One of the main bacteria, causing the inflammation is Escherichia (E.) coli. The problem with these bacteria is that it gets highly resistant to some of the antibiotics. This happens worldwide. So, most doctors switch to a different group of antibiotics for treating urinary disorders.

Another fact you should know about  is that Escherichia (E.) coli does not cause any complications. In most cases, you just take a 3 day course of antibiotics and get rid of it.

Hopefully, these few facts on UTI treatment and prevention would help you to avoid dealing with this type of health discomfort.

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What Are Some of The UTI Home Remedy Treatments And Do They Really Work?

Urinary tract infections are pretty common health problems both for men and women. However, they are prevalent in women. So, what are some of the UTI home remedy treatments and do they really work? Let us find some answers to these questions.

As a rule urinary tract infections are treated with antibiotics. However, there are many easy and safe home remedies to resort to as an alternative. Keep in mind that most of these remedies are suitable only for treating light and uncomplicated urinary infections. They cannot be used for treating infection in the kidneys. So, any UTI that lasts several days requires medical examination and treatment.

One of the easy UTI home remedy options is to drink up. One of the causes for urinary infections is that people do not consume enough liquid and water in particular. Water helps to flush your urinary tract. It removes pathogenic bacteria, which cause inflammation and infections. If being flushed regularly, bacteria simply do not have time to multiply and start causing problems and discomfort. So, drinking up helps both to prevent and to treat infections in urinary tract.

Another simple and safe home remedy is consuming blueberries or cranberries for UTI treating. You may also drink lots of juices made of these berries. Both cranberries and blueberries are known for their germ killing properties. Plus, they are extremely rich with vitamin C. This vitamin can boost your immune system and help you fight the infection.

If you are having reoccurring UTIs, you may want to include cranberries or blueberries into your daily diet. They make great addition to your light and nutrition rich breakfast.

Another healthy and tasty home remedy is pineapple. It is rich with many essential nutrients, but it also includes one essential for UTI treatment enzyme. It is called bromelain. This enzyme helps to treat infections and boost your immune system. You may consume pineapple daily to prevent reoccurring UTIs and double the portion of it, when you get UTI symptoms.

Another one of home remedies for inflamation in urinary tract is antibiotics, prescribed by your doctor. If you are having reoccurring UTIs, your doctor may prescribe you a 3 day course of antibiotics. Whenever you get reoccurring symptoms, you just go ahead and take the drug. Of course, this type of treatment has certain side effects to deal with. If you keep getting UTI signs after the treatment, you should consult your doctor about them.

Vitamin C is another great UTI natural home healing solution. Your urine is mostly alkaline. When you consume vitamin C, it makes the urine more acidic and helps to kill germs. Hopefully, all these types of UTI home remedy treatments would help you to prevent, get under control or treat your UTI successfully right at home.

See the link for additional information:

Chronic Uti – 10 Simple Rules To Follow In Order To Ease The Pain

Urinary tract infection is one of the conditions, often times found both in men and women. For the most part, UTI is treatable. Doctors use a short and simple course of antibiotics to treat it. However, in some cases, urinary infections can keep coming back time after time or be resistant to treatment. Such infection is called a chronic UTI. Let us take a look at 10 ways to ease the pain and discomfort, caused by a UTI.

10 simple ways to ease the pain of a chronic UTI:

1. Drink up

Drinking up a lot of clear water helps not only to ease the UTI symptoms, but also to treat or prevent UTI. When you drink up, your urine becomes less ‘thick’ and flushes your urinary tract in a better way. Besides, you start urinating even oftener. Yes, at first it seems like a bad idea, because every urination may be painful. But, eventually, your urine helps to flush your urinary tract and wash out the bacteria, which cause the inflammation.

2. Taking a hot bath

Chronic uti

A hot bath may ease chronic uti symptoms

Photo by Joe Shlabotnik

It may help you relax and warm up your urinary tract and ease the pain.

3. Put a warm compress on your genital area

It will have the same effect, as the hot bath. Only do not fall asleep with it.

4. Cranberry juice

This juice helps to make your urine more acidic and unglue bacteria from the urinary tract walls. That is why cranberry juice UTI treatment should take effects and ease the pain.

5. Take medication

Even though home remedies may ease your pain temporarily, you should still follow your doctor’s advice and take the right medications to treat a UTI.

6. Take pain killers

If you are coping with intense pain, ask your doctor to prescribe you a pain killer to ease your condition.

7. Parsley tea

You may easily make your own home pain killer from parsley. You should steep a tablespoon of parsley in a cup of water and drink it.

8. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant, which boosts your immune system and helps it to speed up the recovery. You may take it together with some orange juice to boost the effect.

9. Corn silk

You may add some corn silk to your tea or steep it and use it as your home remedy for a UTI to ease its symptoms.

10. Cranberry capsules

If you cannot find fresh cranberries or cranberry juice, you may take cranberry capsules to help treat a UTI and ease its symptoms. Take them daily to prevent UTI, too.

Hopefully, these 10 ways to ease the pain of a chronic UTI would help you to avoid the discomfort of this condition and find the right treatment for it.

References: http://www.livestrong.com/

Cranberry Juice – Uti Panacea, Is It Myth Or Fact?

Today most UTIs are treated with antibiotics. However, these drastic drugs have many side effects. So, people are looking for more natural and safe ways to treat UTI. Can cranberry juice UTI treatment be this panacea? Is cranberry healing property a myth or a fact, when it goes about urinary tract infections? Let us take a look at some of the information on this subject.

cranberry juice UTI

cranberry juice for treating UTI

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First, you have to understand several simple facts about urinary tract infections to learn, if cranberry juice or tables really work. Most of the conditions of UTI are caused by Escherichia coli bacteria. These are pathogenic bacteria, they may cause inflammation in your urinary tract organs, such as urethra, bladder or kidney. This happens mostly, when bacteria start multiplying. To do that Escherichia coli has to cooperate with other bacteria in your urinary tract and it has to stick to the urinary tract walls. Then Escherichia coli start multiplying and cause the infection.

Now, cranberry juice UTI treatment has several ways to prevent or even to treat inflammation, caused by Escherichia coli. Here is how it does it. First of all, cranberry juice is a liquid. The more you drink, the more urine you produce, and the more often you urinate. The urine flushes your urinary tract and washes away bacteria, including Escherichia coli.

However, that is not it, yet. Cranberries are acidic. They contain some uric acid. This acid causes bacteriostatic effect on Escherichia coli. It prevents them from working together with other types of bacteria in your urinary tract. And, it makes them less movable; makes them more static. Cranberry juice may also prevent bacteria from getting stuck to the urinary tract organs’ walls.

The acid in the berries makes your urine more acidic and lowers its pH. This is what prevents bacteria from getting stuck to the urinary tract walls and eventually from causing the inflammation. However, cranberry juice is not the miracle home remedy for UTI. It takes time for it to work. You may have to be drinking this juice daily over several months to see any significant UTI treatment or preventive effect.

This juice can be used together with antibiotics, if you are already dealing with the UTI symptoms. It can boost your immune system and help you fight the infection. Some scientific research shows great benefits of this home remedy; while other researchers remain skeptical as to its benefits. They believe, cranberry juice is unable to provide high enough concentration of puric acid in urine to have any significant health effects.

So, this health product is obviously good for you and cranberry juice UTI treatment can work, but you should not expect any miracles from this home remedy. It is not the panacea for UTI infections.



What Is The Right Diet For Treating Urinary Tract Infection?

Dealing with the urinary tract infection, you should enhance your drug treatment with the special diet. Such combination of different therapies produces the best effect in UTI treatment and helps to get rid of its unpleasant symptoms fast. So, let us take a look at the foods to avoid and to include in your diet.

Foods to avoid, when treating an urinary tract infection:

– Sweets

Most of us consume large amounts of refined sugar and other sweets. However, when treating a UTI, the amount of consumed sugar has to be cut down. Most urinary infections cases are caused by pathogenic bacteria and these bacteria simply love sugar. They feed on it. The more sugar you consume, the more food you provide to the microorganisms, which cause UTI.

This is especially true about refined sugars. If you cannot completely exclude all sweets from your daily diet, you should at least substitute refined sugar, with natural sugar sources, such as honey or fruits.

– Sour or acidic foods

Even though you may read about the benefits of acidic foods, such as lemons, pineapples or cranberries, sometimes these foods have to be excluded from your diet. Most acidic foods irritate your bladder. So, if you’ve got a UTI in the bladder, you should exclude all acidic foods from your diet.

Still, cranberries and other acidic foods can be beneficial, if you’ve got a UTI in your urethra. In this case, the acid makes the urine less thick. Such urine flushes your urethra better and prevents bacteria from getting stuck to your urinary tract walls.

– Caffeinated foods and drinks

Such foods and drinks as chocolate, coffee or tea should be excluded from one’s diet, when treating a infection in urinary tract. These foods have an indirect negative impact, as they make your heart beat faster. This allows bacteria to come up your urinary tract faster and make the treatment more complicated.

Foods to include in your diet, when treating a urinary tract infection:

– Fresh water

You have to drink up. This helps to flush your urinary tract more frequently and makes it hard for bacteria to get stuck to its walls and to multiply. Drinking up is a great way to treat and prevent UTIs.

– Cranberries

As it was mentioned above, cranberries are rich in acids. They contain a special acid, which prevents bacteria from multiplying. Cranberries or cranberry juice UTI home remedy are cosidered to bring good healing effects on the infections in urethra. You may also consume cranberry capsules instead the berries or the juice.

– Nuts and seeds

Most nuts and seeds, such as walnuts or almonds are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. They help to boost your immune system and to overcome UTI.

As you may see, your diet is one of the essential elements of urinary tract infection treatment. It should be combined with other medical therapies to attain the best results.

See more on: http://www.livestrong.com/

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