Cranberry Juice – Uti Panacea, Is It Myth Or Fact?

Today most UTIs are treated with antibiotics. However, these drastic drugs have many side effects. So, people are looking for more natural and safe ways to treat UTI. Can cranberry juice UTI treatment be this panacea? Is cranberry healing property a myth or a fact, when it goes about urinary tract infections? Let us take a look at some of the information on this subject.

cranberry juice UTI

cranberry juice for treating UTI

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First, you have to understand several simple facts about urinary tract infections to learn, if cranberry juice or tables really work. Most of the conditions of UTI are caused by Escherichia coli bacteria. These are pathogenic bacteria, they may cause inflammation in your urinary tract organs, such as urethra, bladder or kidney. This happens mostly, when bacteria start multiplying. To do that Escherichia coli has to cooperate with other bacteria in your urinary tract and it has to stick to the urinary tract walls. Then Escherichia coli start multiplying and cause the infection.

Now, cranberry juice UTI treatment has several ways to prevent or even to treat inflammation, caused by Escherichia coli. Here is how it does it. First of all, cranberry juice is a liquid. The more you drink, the more urine you produce, and the more often you urinate. The urine flushes your urinary tract and washes away bacteria, including Escherichia coli.

However, that is not it, yet. Cranberries are acidic. They contain some uric acid. This acid causes bacteriostatic effect on Escherichia coli. It prevents them from working together with other types of bacteria in your urinary tract. And, it makes them less movable; makes them more static. Cranberry juice may also prevent bacteria from getting stuck to the urinary tract organs’ walls.

The acid in the berries makes your urine more acidic and lowers its pH. This is what prevents bacteria from getting stuck to the urinary tract walls and eventually from causing the inflammation. However, cranberry juice is not the miracle home remedy for UTI. It takes time for it to work. You may have to be drinking this juice daily over several months to see any significant UTI treatment or preventive effect.

This juice can be used together with antibiotics, if you are already dealing with the UTI symptoms. It can boost your immune system and help you fight the infection. Some scientific research shows great benefits of this home remedy; while other researchers remain skeptical as to its benefits. They believe, cranberry juice is unable to provide high enough concentration of puric acid in urine to have any significant health effects.

So, this health product is obviously good for you and cranberry juice UTI treatment can work, but you should not expect any miracles from this home remedy. It is not the panacea for UTI infections.