Do You Suffer From Any Of These Uti Symptoms?

Urinary tract infection or UTI is common both among men and women. However, due to psychological characteristics, these infections are more inherent to women. So, let us take a look at some of the main UTI symptoms and signs.

It has to be stated that most urinary infections do not cause any significant harm to one’s health. However, if such infection goes up from your urethra into the kidney, it may cause serious health problems with grave health consequences. The signs of UTI are similar both in men and women. Still, they differ, depending on the age or gender of the patient.

One of the common UTI symptoms is the pain, experienced during urination. This pain increases during the start and end of urination. It manifests in the form of sharp and burning type of pain in the urethra and may cause significant discomfort.

Another common symptom of the urinary tract infection is pressing urge to urinate. It occurs suddenly and urination can hardly be prevented. Sometimes, this symptom may occur right after you have just urinated. In this case, you have only a small amount of urine coming out. This symptom is commonly accompanied by the first one. Meaning, you may experience sharp pain during this pressing urination.

Constant urge to urination or urine leaking may be another one of the urinary infection signs. At this, the color and odor of urine can be changed. You may even find traits of blood in your urine. The odor of urine becomes strongly and highly unpleasant.

Another one of the urinary tract infection symptoms is the pain in your pubic bone area, if you are a woman and a pain in your rectal area, if you are a man. This pain may cause constant discomfort and pressure in the above mentioned areas of your body.

Again, as it was already mentioned, you may notice the changed appearance and color of your urine. It may become cloudy or have some blood in it. This is a sure sign of the urinary tract infection.

All the above mentioned signs of UTI may vary and come in a combination, depending on the age and gender of the patient. Plus, they may vary depending on the bacteria or fungi, which have caused the infection. These symptoms may also vary, depending on the location of the infection. It can be located lower in your urethra, bladder or up in your kidneys. The higher it goes, the more damage it can cause to your health. That is why knowing the main UTI symptoms is so important. The sooner you treat it, the less complications you get. So, timely consult your doctor and start the UTI treatment.

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