How To Prevent UTI: Learn Here 4 Important Rules

Urinary tract infections often affect adults, both men and women. However, according to medical statistic, women are more vulnerable to get infected. People suffering from a UTI may experience some unpleasant symptoms, such as pain and burning sensation during urinating. Plus, some urinary infections may lead to significant negative consequences for your health. All these are very good reasons to learn 4 important tips on how to prevent UTI.

1. Water

To understand the ways of UTI prevention, you should also understand what are the factors that increase the risks of getting infected. Most urinary tract infections are caused by E. coli bacteria. These are pathogenic bacteria, which dwell in our urinary tract. When they multiply, they cause irritation and inflammation. In small quantities these bacteria cannot cause any significant problems.

However, to start multiplying, they need to be able to stick together with other bacteria in the urinary tract or to the walls of the urinary tract. If you do not provide your body with enough of clean water, you urinary tract does not get flushed well. This way, you create favorable conditions for the bacteria to multiply.

That is why drinking up is one of the essential UTI prevention factors. It helps you to urinate more frequently and the water makes your urine less thick. All this helps to flush out bacteria from your urinary tract.

2. Nutrition

The above mentioned bacteria mainly feed on sugar. So, cutting out this nutrition source for them is one of the answers to the question How to prevent UTI. This means, you should cut down the amount of sugar, especially refined one, in your diet and substitute it with natural sugars.

3. Proper hygiene

Most of the pathogenic bacteria, which cause UTI in women get into their urinary tract due to improper hygiene. Teaching young girls some simple hygiene rules can prevent UTIs. One of the ways to do so is to train girls to wipe from front to back. This way no fecal bacteria get into your genitals and urinary tract.

Another hygiene rule is not to use any chemical cleaners inside your genitals. Once these substances get inside your urinary tract, they cause severe irritation there. This irritation eventually leads to inflammation and UTI with all its unpleasant and painful symptoms.

The best way to clean your gentle areas is to use baby liquid soap for it. Or, just use the clean water to wash your genitals to prevent any chemicals from getting into your urinary tract.


How to prevent uti

You can get a uti from your partner

Frequent change of sexual partners is one of the frequent Uti causes. Every time you have sex with a new partner, you get exposed to his or her micro flora. These new bacteria get into your urinary tract and may cause urethra inflammation, which is one of the UTI types.

Hopefully, these 4 tips on how  to prevent UTI would help you to keep yourself health and avoid dealing with urinary tract infections and its symptoms.

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