Is Urinary Tract Infection During Pregnancy Dangerous?

Most women deal with UTIs during pregnancy and that is a fact. But the question is this: is urinary tract infection during pregnancy dangerous? To answer it we should take a look at why infections are more common during pregnancy and what health consequences they may have both for your health and the health of your baby.

Women face some very natural physical changes during the pregnancy. One of them is the growing uterus. The baby grows and your uterus grows too. And, it significantly increases the pressure, caused on your bladder. The bladder is one of the urinary system organs. The increased pressure on it may hinder the proper urine outflow from this organ.

This is one of the main causes for UTIs in pregnant women. Your bladder simply does not get flushed well. This allows pathogenic bacteria to multiply and grow in it, causing the inflammation. Plus, thick and acidic urine, which stays longer in the bladder, may cause its irritation; in most cases irritation leads to inflammation.

Possible health consequences of urinary tract infection during pregnancy:

As a rule a UTI can be easily treated and it does not produce any negative health consequences for women’s health. However, if you let your UTI go untreated during the pregnancy time, you may lead to some severe health problems. From your bladder infection may easily go all the way up into the kidneys. This is a much more serious form of infection. Having UTI and pregnancy you may experience pain and stinging during the urinating, increased urge to urinate, more frequent urinations, etc.

Kidney failure during the pregnancy may have very serious health consequences both for you and your baby. Due to it your baby may be born with low weight. Plus, an infection may lead to early parturition and premature birth of your child. In some cases, kidney UTI may lead to sepsis.

Besides, as you may know, kidneys fulfill the function of filters for your body. If their work is hindered by a UTI, your body gets toxins coming back into circulation. They cannot be effectively removed from it. This has some negative health effects both for you and for your baby, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, when the placenta is not formed yet.

UTI treatment during pregnancy

UTIs should be treated with antibiotics. There are several antibiotics, which are considered to be safe for treating pregnant women. These medications do not have major negative health consequences for the baby’s health. As a rule, the course of UTI treatment with antibiotics is short. Most doctors would prescribe the drug to be taken during 3 days in a row.

As you may see, urinary tract infection during pregnancy may have some very negative impact on your health, if it is left untreated. That is why timely diagnosing of it is essential. Read the additional information on the subject at and