Is Uti Contagious? Read Here About The Ways To Get Infected

UTI or urinary tract infections are pretty common in men, women and even in children. These are the infections we develop mainly in the lower urinary tract organs. So, is UTI contagious? Let us look up the answers to this question.

To answer, we have to learn what urinary infections are and what causes them. UTI infections we get in our urinary tract. This tract consists of urethra, bladder, ureters and kidneys. Most of the inflammations people get are in the lower part of the urinary tract, which means that you get them in your urethra and bladder. Urethra infection is mainly called cystitis.

Now, what are UTI causes? This is another thing to understand, before we can answer the question is UTI contagious. Most infections in urinary tract are caused by various bacterial E. coli. However, other bacteria or their combinations can also penetrate in urinary tract and cause pain and irritation.

These bacteria get stuck to each other or to the urinary tract walls and start multiplying. Their live processes cause irritation and inflammation in the urinary tract. But, how do we get these bacteria? Good question. They all come from outside. This means, they have to come in contact and enter the urinary tract. And, this also means that urinary tract infections can be contagious.

The majority of these bacteria can be transmitted from person to person. Most of them can be sexually transmitted. This means, every time you get a new sex partner, you get exposed to his or her urinary tract flora (i.e. bacteria). And, that is how you get infected.

However, sex is not the only way to get an infection in your urinary tract. Since even children can get UTIs, there are other ways to get infected with these bacteria. You may get them during various medical treatments done on your urinary tract or genitals. You may also get them from your own body. This means if you do not maintain proper hygiene, you can infect your urinary tract with pathogens from your own fecal. That is true especially for women. And that is why there is a great need to train girls the rules of proper hygiene from the very early age.

Most people may contain pathogenic bacteria in their urinary tract. But not all of them develop UTI. This means, there are many factors, which affect us and make us more vulnerable. Drinking too little is one of them. If you do not supply your body with enough water, your urine becomes thick and irritates your urinary tract. Besides, it does not flush it well enough to wash away bad bacteria. They start multiplying and cause inflammation and pain.

So, is UTI contagious? Yes, it certainly is. But there are ways to avoid getting infected or to prevent developing it.