List of 8 Urinary Tract Infection Symptoms You Should Know

Urinary tract infection symptoms may slightly vary depending on the age and gender of the patient. Still, most of them can be found in people of all ages and sexes. So, let us take a look at the list of 8 main UTI signs you should know about to diagnose and timely treat this infection.

1. Burning sensation during urinating

Pain or burning sensation during urinating is one of the sure signs of an inflammation in urinary tract. As a rule, this symptom emerges, when you get infection in your urethra. Bacteria and thick urine irritate the urethra and cause the above mentioned unpleasant sensation. This symptom can be experienced both by men and women with a UTI.

2. Pain in the lower part of the tummy

This one of the urinary tract infection symptoms can also be experienced by people of both genders. However, in men this pain may signify of a more serious health condition. As a rule, UTI in men may be caused by other health problems, such as prostate inflammation and lower part tummy pain is one of its signs.

3. Increased urge to urinating

You may start urinating much oftener or feel the strong urge to urinating just after you have done urinating. At this, the symptom may be accompanied with burning sensation or pain during the urination.

4. Change in urine color

If you got a UTI, your urine may change in color. It may become darker or lighter in color and become cloudy, too. Such color chance is caused by bacteria in your urine, which cause the inflammation.

5. Change in urine odor

A rapid change in urine odor may also be a sign of UTI. Your urine may get an extremely foul odor and change its color, too.

6. Pain in the back

Pain in the back may signify of the kidney infection. Kidneys are the part of your urinary tract. If you leave urethra or bladder infection untreated, it may go all the way up into your kidneys and manifest through pain in the back.

7. Fever

If you get fever and no other signs of respiratory infection, you should get alarmed. Such unexplained fever may be a sign of an infection in urinary tract. If you run a low fever, it may signify of urethra infection. However, high and unexplained fever may be a sign of acute kidney infection.

8. Vomiting or nausea

This is another UTI sign with demands urgent hospitalization. It may be a sign of kidney infection and needs urgent treatment.

Hopefully, the list of these 8 urinary tract infection symptoms would help you to notice timely a UTI and get it treated. As you may see, a untreated UTI may lead to certain grave health consequences. For more information on the subject see following links: and