The Truth About Most Efficient And Most Inefficient Uti Home Remedy

Many people prefer to use UTI home remedy treatments instead of antibiotics. Unlike antibiotics most home remedies do not have any side effects to deal with. However, some of them may not prove to be as effective, as the drug treatment. So, let us take a look at the best and worst home remedies for urinary tract infections.

Now, the truth is that none of the home remedies can match the efficacy and short time required for antibiotics for UTI. Most urinary tract infections are caused by bacteria. Antibiotics directly eliminate this cause together with most unpleasant UTI symptoms. And, they do it fast. However, there are certain remedies, which can produce significant positive results in treatment and ease your condition.

uti home remedy

Fresh juice without sugar is popular uti home remedy

– Zea

Zea is a different name for corn silk. This home remedy has been known for centuries as a main treatment for urinary tract infections. Corn silk is rich with potassium. This element has the strong soothing potential and it is highly diuretic, too. Saying it in other words, corn silk tea soothes the irritated organs of the urinary tract and stimulates urinating, which helps to flush them more extensively.

Keep in mind that using corn silk for urinary tract infection treatment has to be combined with increasing the intake of fresh water. It stimulates urinating and if you do not drink up, you risk to get easily dehydrated.

– Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice is a widely known UTI home remedy. This juice is rich in acids. Most bacteria cannot survive in highly acidic environments. Constant use of cranberries or cranberry juice or capsules may help you not only to treat, but also to prevent infections.

However, being one of the best natural solutions, cranberries are also listed among one of the worst remedies. How could this be? It all depends on where you get the urinary infection. Most inflammations are found in the urethra. That is when cranberries come handy in treating them.  However, if you get an infection in your bladder, eating cranberries or drinking the juice can only worsen your condition and symptoms.

Acid irritates the bladder. Irritated bladder is much more vulnerable to inflammation. Besides, acid intensifies such painful bladder infection symptoms, as pain in the lower abdomen or pain during the urinating.

– Various juices or vitamin drinks

The problem with most ready-made juices is that they contain lots of sugar. Sugar is the main food for bacteria. So, if you consume such UTI remedies, as cranberry or pineapple juices rich in sugar, you level down their positive effects. All you do is you feed up your bacteria in the urinary tract and cause even greater inflammation.
As you may see, there is a range of UTI home remedy options to choose from. Some of them do have strong curing effects with no side effects for your health.

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