Top 5 UTI Treatment Methods You Should Know

In most uncomplicated cases of urinary tract infection, UTI treatment does not involve any complications. This may not be the case with the recurring UTIs. Still, let us take a look at the 5 top methods to treat infection in urinary tract.

What you should know before you start any treatment of UTI?

There are several facts you should know on urinary tract infection before the treatment is begun. One of them is that infection in urinary tract can be caused by a great variety of bacteria or fungi. Even though most UTI cases are caused by E.coli bacteria, they are not the only once, who can do that. So, the success of the treatment greatly depends on discovering the cause of a UTI.

In most cases it is done by running a lab test on urine. There they can identify the ‘intruders’ and even test them for sensitivity to various drugs. That is another fact you should know about UTI treatment. Everywhere around the world E.coli and other bacteria are becoming less and less sensitive to a traditional urinary infection cure solutions, such as TMP-SMX antibiotics.

Top 5 methods to treat UTI:

#1. TMP SMX antibiotics

For years this was the favorite UTI healing choice for many doctors around the world. A 3 day course of these antibiotics used to rid patients of UTI symptoms and causes. This type of antibiotics still can be used to treat infection, if your doctor has checked the bacteria for sensitivity to it. It was already mentioned above, how such test is done.

#2. Over the phone antibiotic treatment of recurring UTI

This option works well mostly for women, who suffer from recurring UTIs. As a rule, they can easily identify symptoms on their own. Their doctors run the urine tests to identify the cause and bacteria sensitivity to certain drugs. Then, they make a prescription. Every time a patient starts developing infection signs, she just gives her doctor a call and starts taking a 3 day course of the prescribed antibiotics for uti. Keep in mind, that this treatment is effective only, if you can identify your symptoms of UTI in your own and timely report them to your doctor. You should also timely report any changes in your reaction to treatment and its effects.
#3. Antibiotics, called quinolones

Due to major loss in sensitivity of E. coli to TMP SMX lots of doctors start prescribing quinolones to treat UTIs in their patients. They should be taken by a 3 day course.

#4. Amoxicillin usage for urinary infection curing

This antibiotic may also be used to treat UTI. However, it should be given with care to young children and pregnant women.

#5. Nitrofurantoin treatment

This drug cannot be taken by a short 3 day course to cure a UTI. The course should be prolonged to up to 7 days.

As you may see, there are many options available for UTI treatment. However, all of these treatment methods should be used under the strict supervision of your doctor. For more information on the subject of urinary tract infection treatment, please visit