Uti and Pregnancy: What You Should Know If You Are Going to Become a Mom

Pregnancy is a special time for all women. Feeling so vulnerable, you may get concerned about any sensation in your body and the risks involved in it for your baby. So, talking of UTI and pregnancy, we should take a look at what every mom to be should know about it.

As most women notice, they start getting urinary tract infections more frequent during the pregnancy time. What is the cause for it? It’s pretty obvious. Uterus rapidly grows in size during the pregnancy. As it is located right over the bladder, it presses it down. Such pressure may block urine inside the bladder, preventing its free outflow. Such ‘stagnation’ leads to bacteria growth and to inflammation.

Uti and Pregnancy

Having UTI and pregnancy you may experience pain and stinging

So, in most cases, developing urinary tract infection during pregnancy time is a natural thing. It does not have anything to do with the poor immune system work, as many people believe. Now, the symptoms of UTI in women during the pregnancy are similar to a UTI in nonpregnant women. Having UTI and pregnancy you may experience pain and stinging during the urinating, increased urge to urinate, more frequent urinations, etc.

Should you be worried, if you have noticed some of the infection signs during your pregnancy? Certainly not, but you should tell your doctor about them. As a rule, urinary infections are pretty easy to treat. However, if they are not timely diagnosed or treated, they may lead to infection in your kidneys. This is a much more complicated health condition. It may have many negative effects both for your health and the health of your baby. Kidney infection may even lead to early labor.

So, diagnosing and treating urinary tract infections timely may help you to prevent all the possible health complications and consequences for you and your baby. Most mothers to be are worried about UTI treatment, as it involves a course of antibiotics. However, most doctors are able to offer you antibiotic treatments, safe for you and your baby. You should take a course of no less than 3 days. It may have to last to up to 7 days. As a rule, most of the symptoms disappear soon after you start taking the pills.

However, this does not mean you should stop the therapy. You have to finish the course, even if you start feeling much better on the first or the second day of treatment. This would prevent recurring UTIs and bacteria resistance to the treatment. This way, you can take one easy course of pills, instead of the necessity to take several more during the pregnancy time.

So, as you may see, UTI and pregnancy are interrelated and you should know all about it, if you are planning to become a mother. Timely treatment and prevention of UTI may help you to maintain good health during the pregnancy time.

Visit http://www.americanpregnancy.org/pregnancycomplications/utiduringpreg.html and find more information about urinary infections in young mothers and during pregnancy.

Photo by Philippe Put