Uti In Men: Essential Facts And Stats About Urinary Tract Infections In Men

Some men consider urinary tract infections a feminine problem. This may be true to some degree, as UTI symptoms in women are more common, than in men. Still, what men may not know is that urinary infections in men may be the signs of other health problems and serious health conditions. That is why they should not be left undiagnosed or untreated. Take a look at some facts and stats on UTI in men:

According to scientific data, women are more subjected to UTI, than men. This may be conditioned by their physiological characteristics. Women suffer from urinary tract infections by 30 percent more, than men. Still, as it was mentioned above, consequences in men are more serious than in women and they may be harder to diagnose, too.

UTI in men
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Some of the signs of UTI are the same both for men and women. However, they may indicate of a bit different problems and lead to different health complications. Let’s take a look at some of the facts on UTI in men:

– As a rule urinary infection in men may be caused by STDs (sexually transmitted diseases)
This is one good reason to learn the UTI symptoms and get timely medical examination and treatment, if you start developing any of them.

– Urinary tract infection in men may be caused by an enlarged prostate. Becoming enlarged, it starts causing more pressure on the urethra and makes urination difficult. This creates favorable conditions for bacteria to multiply and evokes pain.

– In some cases, urinary problems in men may be one of the signs of prostate or other type of cancer. That is why a man should get urgently examined, if he develops any of the UTI symptoms.

– Some of the UTI signs in men are the same, as in women. For instance, men may experience pain and burning during urination, increased urge to urination or pains in the lower part of the tummy.

– Some of the UTI symptoms may indicate the urgent need for medical assistance. Such symptoms, as severe pain in the back and suprapubic area, vomiting or fever should alarm you and make you seek medical help immediately.

– Another alarming symptom, common in men with a UTI is blood or blood specks in urine. It is an alarming symptom and it may indicate of the urinary infection in your kidneys.

– A combination of these 3 symptoms may be the surest base for diagnosing UTI: pain during urination, increased frequency urination and strong urge to urinate. If you have all three, then you should immediately seek medical help for your UTI.

Hopefully, this information and facts on UTI in men would help you to timely notice it, if you start developing it and get the right treatment to prevent any health complications.

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