Uti Test – Find Out What Are The Easiest Methods Of Uti Diagnosing

As UTI is a pretty common condition, our modern science has developed several easy and sure ways to detect or diagnose infection and start the treatment. Take a look at several ways to diagnose UTI and do the UTI test.

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First of all, you realize that to run a UTI testing you need to be able to collect some urine. In most cases, it is not a difficult thing to do, unless you are dealing with infants or toddlers. You may use special adhesive plastic bags to collect their urine. These bags get safely and gently stuck to genitals and can be left underneath the diapers. Once you collect the urine of your baby, you unglue the bag (it comes off easily not hurting the skin or the baby). This is the simplest and surest way to collect urine into a clean environment.

For the adults, you should take all the precautions to collect the urine into a clean container. So, it would not hold any dash. If you do not have a special sterile urine container, you should use a glass container, well cleaned and steamed.

Once you get the urine collected, you have two options. One is to get it to your doctor and send it to the lab and the other one is to use a home UTI test. These tests are sold in a form of strips. You dip them into the urine and wait couple of seconds. If the test strip changes the color, you’ve got an infection in the urine. These strips are sensitive to protein, blood cells, nitrites and pus in the urine. If any or all these things are present there, the test changes its color.

Here is a video on testing UTI at home:

However, all you know after such test is that you’ve got a UTI. You do not know what bacteria or fungi have caused it. Neither you know what treatment is required. For this purpose, your doctor may assign a lab test of your urine. There they can count the bacteria and define the kind of them. Then they grow the bacteria from your urine and test different antibiotics on them to see the sensitivity. This way, your doctor can select the perfect and the most efficient type of treatment for your UTI.

Still, running a simple and fast UTI test at home is highly beneficial. For one, it is very affordable and it takes only few minutes to run it. Then you can quickly get the right info on the presence or absence of infection in your body. So, keeping such a UTI testing strip at home is a good idea, especially if you have small children or recurring urinary infection. This may simplify the diagnosing phase and speed up the treatment.

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