UTI Treatment Without Antibiotics – Is It Possible?

It is not a secret that most drugs, especially such drastic drugs as antibiotics have side effects to deal with. That is why some may be loath to use them while having UTI symptoms. So, the question is: can you do UTI treatment without antibiotics? Let us try to answer it here.

Let us take a look at what urinary infections are to understand the possibilities of treating them without antibiotics. The keyword here is infection. Most UTI are caused by pathogenic bacteria. That is why the use of antibiotics is very logical solution for treating. Antibiotics kill bacteria and thus get you rid of the cause. As a rule, only a short course of antibiotics is needed to treat an infection in urinary tract.

Uti treatment without antibiotics

Excluding sugar rich foods from your diet is one of uti treatment without antibiotics solutions

Still, is there any other UTI treatment without antibiotics possible? Most home remedies for UTI do not directly kill bacteria. This means, their efficacy is much lower than that of antibiotics. Still, many home remedies have certain proven effects on treating. Let us take a look at some of them.

– Flushing your urinary tract

That is an alternative approach you may use for treating or preventing infection. The bacteria need to be able to stick together or get stuck to the urinary tract walls to multiply. Only when they start multiplying, they start causing the problems and evoking painful symptoms.

So, if you can drink up a lot of clean water, you flush your urinary tract in a better way. In fact, lack of water and thick urine is one of the main causes of UTI. Learn what are another 9 factors in the article 10 Main Uti Causes Everyone Should Know. So, by drinking up you make your urine thinner and starting urinating more frequently. This allows you to flush the urinary tract and wash out bacteria.

– Changing the environment

This is a different approach to treating methods. Most bacteria do not survive in highly acidic environments. And you can do something to change it. For instance, you may start consuming more of the acidic fruit or drinking highly acidic juices, such as cranberry or orange juice. You may also consume cranberries, pineapples or take cranberry capsules. All these foods make your urine more acidic and prevent bacteria from multiplying.

However, this type of home remedy is applicable only, if you have urethra infection. If you have a UTI in your bladder, you should exclude all the acidic foods from your diet. They may lead to bladder irritation and only increase the intensity of symptoms.

– Stop feeding the bacteria

Most bacteria feed on sugar. So, starve them by excluding sugar rich foods from your diet. This would allow you to lessen the intensity of your UTI symptoms.
As you may see, there are few UTI treatment without antibiotics options available. However, most of them can be used only as concomitant treatments along with the pills.

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