What Are The Signs of UTI In Children?

Unfortunately, dealing with a UTI in children is not a rare case. Urinary tract infections are pretty common in children of all ages, starting with infants and up. Even though a UTI has pretty distinct symptoms, identifying them in children may be highly problematic. Still, parents should be aware of those symptoms and provide their kids with timely medical examination and assistance to treat the infection. So, let us take a look at some of these UTI signs.

 1. Pain during urination

This is a common UTI sign both for adults and kids of all ages. It can be easily recognizable in older kids, who complain about such pains and burning sensations during urination. However, this symptom is hard to discern in younger kids, such as toddlers or infants. Still, crying or fussiness during urination should alarm you of possible UTI in your baby or toddler.

2. Change of look and smell of urine

Multiplying in the urinary tract, bacteria may cause the change in smell and look of urine. This is an easy to discern signs of UTI in children. The urine may turn cloudy and change its color. It may also gain foul and highly repelling smell. All such changes should alarm parents and the urine should be examined for UTI signs.

3. Frequent urination

This is another easy to discern UTI symptom in children. If you notice more frequent urination in your baby or toddler, you may suspect dealing with a UTI. This can be easily noticed by the frequency of diaper change required for your baby. Again, take your baby for medical examination and timely UTI treatment to avoid any possible complications.

4. Pain in the lower part of the tummy

This might be another UTI symptom, hard to discover in younger children. However, older kids may complain about having pains in the lower part of their tummy. These pains may be experienced both during urination and at any other times.

5. High temperature

As any infection, UTI can cause fever. As a rule, such fever would not be accompanied by any other symptoms. Neither will you see any ARD symptoms, such as sneezing, coughing, sore throat, etc. Such accounted for fever should alarm you of possible urinary tract infection in your child.

6. Constant urge for urination

This is a UTI symptom, which can be noticed in older children. They may be urged to urinate often, but right after they urinate, they may feel a new and strong urination urge. At this, only little or no urine is discharged.

These 6 signs of UTI in children are the most common ones and should be well known to parents. This way, you can timely and easily suspect a UTI in your child and get the right treatment for it to avoid complications.