What Are Uti Symptoms In Women? Are They Dangerous?

Urinary tract infections in women are pretty common health conditions to deal with. They can be evoked by a number of different causes. Sometimes, a UTI may pass without any symptoms. However, in most cases there are common UTI symptoms in women to identify. Let us take a look at some of them and at their possible consequences on woman’s health.

1.  Pain or burning sensation during the urination is one of the common UTI symptoms both for men and women. This symptom may cause much discomfort and be alarming for women. However, it rarely causes any health complications besides the discomfort. The burning and pain are caused by the urine, infected with bacteria. It irritates and burns the urethra during urination.

2. Increased frequency of urination is another one of UTI symptom in women. At this, the quantity of urine may be very insignificant.

3. Increased urge to urinate. This symptom may mean a rapid strong urge to urination or urge to urinate right after the urination. You may feel a strong urge to urinate, but with urine coming out. This symptom may be accompanied by burning or pain.

4. General fatigue or illness. Some women may not feel any “local” signs of UTI; instead, they feel general fatigue, illness and fever. All these may be the factors, caused by UTI.

5. Urine leaking is another one infection sign in women. You may deal with minor urine leaking with no urge to urinate. This may be a very unpleasant symptom to deal with, especially in combination with the change of urine smell for a more foul one.

6. A change in the look and smell of your urine. It may turn cloudy and become too odorous and even foul. These changes are mainly caused by bacteria, which multiply in your urinary tract.

Health consequences of urinary tract infection in women:

So, the question remains: is UTI dangerous? The good news is that in most cases urinary tract infections in women can be easily treated with no complications. Mostly, urinary infections affect urethra and bladder. The biggest danger lies in possible complications in the form of kidney infection.

If left untreated, UTI can “go up” all the way into the kidneys and cause inflammation there. This is a much more serious health problem, than bladder or urethra infection. This is one of the major reasons to attend a doctor and get examined and treated.

Another problem with UTI is that sometimes women start developing reoccurring urinary tract infections, which require constant monitoring and treatment. That is why you should seek medical help, if you notice developing any of the above listed UTI symptoms in women.
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