What Is The Best Recurrent UTI Treatment Solution?

First, it has to be mentioned that recurrent UTI is the major problem for young women. They rarely concern men. In many cases, such UTIs are caused by bacteria or by poor or improper hygiene. They may also be caused by use of various chemical cleaners in the genital area of the body. Let us take a look at some possible solutions for treating recurrent urinary tract infections.

recurrent uti

Recurrent uti is the major problem for young women

Basically, dealing with recurrent infections in women, there are two ways to go about the problem. It all really depends on how often a woman gets UTIs. If she has only up to 4-5 episodes per year, then a doctor may choose to prescribe antibiotics. Every time you get UTI symptoms, you just go ahead and start a 3 day antibiotic course treatment. You do not have to consult your doctor every time you do that.

Usually, when you get your first UTI, you’d go through a 3 day antibiotic treatment course. But, the second urinary  infection episode should be treated with at least 7 day antibiotic course.

However, such treatment has to be prescribed by the doctor. And, they have to run all the tests first. These tests help to determine the cause of your UTI. They also find out which bacteria are causing the infection and which antibiotic they are sensitive to.

In the article Chronic Uti – 10 Simple Rules To Follow In Order To Ease The Pain you will find about home solutions that can be used to lessen symptoms of uti.

Lots of women start having recurrent urinary tract infections after changing a sexual partner or after the intercourse with their regular partner. In this case, the treatment has to differ from the above mentioned. As a rule, doctors would also run tests and find out what is causing the UTIs. Then they prescribe low doses of antibiotics to be taken after each intercourse. Such treatment aims to prevent the upcoming infection symptoms.

Another way of prophylactic is to take antibiotics regularly over long periods of time. As a rule, this treatment is used when infection keeps coming back more than 5 times per year. That is when patients are prescribed to take low doses of antibiotics several times a week or after each intercourse. This treatment aims at preventing UTI from coming back and going up your urinary tract. You see, most UTIs are found in the lower urinary tract organs, such as the urethra or bladder.

The real problems start, when a UTI comes up to the kidneys. This is a dangerous situation and it may have many bad health consequences. That is why all UTIs should not be left untreated. The problem with treating UTIs is that bacteria get used for antibiotic treatment and become insensitive to it. If this happens and your antibiotic treatment fails to produce any results and rid you of UTI symptoms, your doctor has to run more tests and find a new antibiotic to treat your recurrent UTI.

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