What Is The Right Diet For Treating Urinary Tract Infection?

Dealing with the urinary tract infection, you should enhance your drug treatment with the special diet. Such combination of different therapies produces the best effect in UTI treatment and helps to get rid of its unpleasant symptoms fast. So, let us take a look at the foods to avoid and to include in your diet.

Foods to avoid, when treating an urinary tract infection:

– Sweets

Most of us consume large amounts of refined sugar and other sweets. However, when treating a UTI, the amount of consumed sugar has to be cut down. Most urinary infections cases are caused by pathogenic bacteria and these bacteria simply love sugar. They feed on it. The more sugar you consume, the more food you provide to the microorganisms, which cause UTI.

This is especially true about refined sugars. If you cannot completely exclude all sweets from your daily diet, you should at least substitute refined sugar, with natural sugar sources, such as honey or fruits.

– Sour or acidic foods

Even though you may read about the benefits of acidic foods, such as lemons, pineapples or cranberries, sometimes these foods have to be excluded from your diet. Most acidic foods irritate your bladder. So, if you’ve got a UTI in the bladder, you should exclude all acidic foods from your diet.

Still, cranberries and other acidic foods can be beneficial, if you’ve got a UTI in your urethra. In this case, the acid makes the urine less thick. Such urine flushes your urethra better and prevents bacteria from getting stuck to your urinary tract walls.

– Caffeinated foods and drinks

Such foods and drinks as chocolate, coffee or tea should be excluded from one’s diet, when treating a infection in urinary tract. These foods have an indirect negative impact, as they make your heart beat faster. This allows bacteria to come up your urinary tract faster and make the treatment more complicated.

Foods to include in your diet, when treating a urinary tract infection:

– Fresh water

You have to drink up. This helps to flush your urinary tract more frequently and makes it hard for bacteria to get stuck to its walls and to multiply. Drinking up is a great way to treat and prevent UTIs.

– Cranberries

As it was mentioned above, cranberries are rich in acids. They contain a special acid, which prevents bacteria from multiplying. Cranberries or cranberry juice UTI home remedy are cosidered to bring good healing effects on the infections in urethra. You may also consume cranberry capsules instead the berries or the juice.

– Nuts and seeds

Most nuts and seeds, such as walnuts or almonds are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. They help to boost your immune system and to overcome UTI.

As you may see, your diet is one of the essential elements of urinary tract infection treatment. It should be combined with other medical therapies to attain the best results.

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