What Is Uti And Why Does It Appear? Who Suffer From Uti Most Of All?

Urinary tract infection is a common condition both for adult men and women. Even children can get infected in the earliest days of their lives. So, let us take a look at what it is, what it is caused by and who suffers from it the most. We’ll start with answer to the question “what is UTI?”

Urinary tract includes such organs, as urethra, bladder and kidneys. Most commonly, UTI develops in either urethra or bladder. If left untreated, it may go up all the way into the kidneys and cause more severe infection and health condition.

What is uti

Personal hygiene protects you from getting uti

What are some of the UTI causes?

The major cause is bacteria. There are many different bacteria and fungi, which may cause inflammation in your urinary tract. However, the bacteria called E. coli is the most frequent cause for a UTI. These bacteria may peacefully dwell in your urinary tract not causing any infections, until they start sticking up together with other bacteria and to the urinary tract walls. Then they start multiplying and cause inflammation.

However, there are many other causes or risk factors for urinary infections. One of them is your hygiene. Both the lack of hygiene or too much of hygiene can lead to inflammation and pain. Genitals hygiene is a special point with women, who suffer much more from UTI, than men. One of the right ways to maintain hygiene is to wipe from the front and to the back. Fecal bacteria may easily cause different infections, including those in urinary tract. In fact, this is one of the major reasons for children to get UTIs. That is why you need to train your baby girls to learn to wipe from front to back, avoiding getting infected themselves and preventing infection. By understanding what is uti and what are basic rules to prevent its appearance you can protect yourself and your family.

Talking of too much hygiene, you should know that various OTC washing products, such as soaps, washes, shower gels, bubbles, etc,. may become another one of uti causes. They may cause severe irritation in your urinary tract and lead to infection and inflammation. So, you have to carefully pick your hygiene products.

Frequent change of sexual partners may also be a cause for an infection in urinary tract. Changing your partner, you also change the flora you got accustomed to. You introduce new flora to your urinary tract and this may lead to infection, especially in women.

As you may see, women are much more subjected to having infection, than men. This is conditioned by their physiological characteristics. However, in most cases, UTI in women are easy to treat and they do not cause any complications for the health. On the contrary, UTI in men may be the signs of more severe diseases, such as prostate inflammation or even cancer. In any case, learning what is UTI can help you to diagnose and treat it timely.

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