Who Is More Predisposed To Having Uti?

Even though urinary tract infection is pretty common in men, women and children, there are some categories of people, who are much more predisposed to having a UTI. Let us take a look at some risk factors and on some biological characteristics that make some people more vulnerable to infections in urinary tract than others.

– Women

According to medical science data women are much more predisposed to get infected, then men. Such state of things is conditioned by the differences in urinary tract characteristics of men and women.


Women are much more predisposed to having uti

Women have much shorter urethra. Male urethra reaches up to 8 inches on average, while female urethra is only about 1,5 inches long. This allows bacteria to enter bladder and other urinary tract organs more easily and cause inflammation there.

Moreover, oftenly women get self infected with urinary tract infections. This may be caused by improper hygiene. If faecal bacteria get into genitals and urinary tract organs, they start multiplying there and cause inflammation.

Another way women oftenly get infected with UTIs is through sex. Frequent change of sexual partners exposes their genitals and urinary tracts to new flora, which eventually causes inflammation.

– Men with prostate diseases

Prostate is an important immune system organ for men, which produces a certain liquid used by their bodies to prevent infections. This liquid slows down bacteria growth in urethra. However, if prostate malfunctions or gets enlarged, it may lead to urinary tract infection. Being enlarged, prostate causes pressure on the urethra. It hardens the process of urinating. This prevents the urethra from being flushed properly and allows bacteria to freely multiply in it.

Thus, an urinary infection in men may be a sign of more complicated health problems, such as enlarged prostate or even prostate cancer.

– Children (especially girls)

Children are also commonly predisposed to developing urinary tract infections. In little girls such infections may be caused by improper hygiene. With the invention of disposable diapers UTIs in girls has ceased to be such a problem. Still, mothers need to learn the basic rules of hygiene for girls and teach girls these rules from the very early age.

Again, getting infected with faecal bacteria is the most common cause of urinary tract infections in girls. Such a simple thing as wiping from front to back may greatly reduce the risks of developing UTIs in girls and women.

– People with frequent change of sexual partners

This is one of the most common ways to catch an infection for adults (both men and women). Every time you change your sexual partner, you get exposed to new and potentially pathogenic flora of your new partner. That is why many women experience recurring symptoms of urinary tract infection after the intercourse.

As you may see, there are certain groups of people, who are more predisposed to developing a UTI, than others. Knowing these facts may help you to prevent getting these infections.

Photo by SCA Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget